Food As Medicine

Traditional, healing foods are our first line of defense to support healthy immune function to fight off sickness and disease. Our meal program is designed to reduce inflammation and promote healng by eliminating highly processed foods that destroy healthy gut flora and disrupt hormone balance.


We offer thoughtfully crafted meals with quality ingredients and nutrient density in mind. Our whole foods based approach to eating for optimal health is effortless and delicious. Don't take our word for it, try Honest Eats for yourself!

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    Lean protein, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fruit and healthy fats. Gluten free, dairy free, zero artificial sugars.


    Burn fat for fuel with less carbs and healthy sources of fat from proteins, dairy, nuts and non-starchy vegetables.


    Packed with plant protein from whole foods sources. Soy free, gluten free, and zero artificial ingredients.

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  • Quality Inspired Meals, Ingredient Focused

    Our menus change weekly depending on availability of organic produce and high quality ingredients used in the creation of our meals. We are an ingredient focused company with an emphasis on minimizing food waste. Preview our upcoming menus with ingredient, nutrition information and meal descriptions. The menu is subject to change based on ingredient availability prior to delivery date.