Why Collagen Peptides are So Good for You

Why Collagen Peptides are So Good for You

Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides

We’re huge advocates of whole-food based nutrition, but sometimes you need that little extra in your diet to help you really feel and look your best. That’s why we love Vital Proteins’ collagen supplement because it it does just that!

What is collagen?  

As the most abundant protein in the human body, collagen imparts structure and elasticity to skin, hair, nails, tendons, and bones. Our body makes collagen by stringing together 28 different proteins, which accounts for a whopping 30 percent of our total protein mass!

Why is collagen beneficial? 

Collagen production declines as we age, in fact by age 45, there’s a considerable decline in its synthesis. Why does any of this matter? 

Not only is collagen loss a leading contributor to aging wrinkly skin, but it’s also a factor in gut inflammation, leaky gut syndrome, and joint health! To make matters worse, collagen proteins are assaulted by environmental factors like cigarette smoke, UV sunlight, and pollution, which trigger free radicals that damage its production (synthesis). 

For those following a low carb or ketogenic diet, collagen supplementation is even more important because it feeds the bacteria in your gut and maintains the gut integrity to prevent substances from leaking out of the GI tract and into the bloodstream. 

Additional Benefits Include: 

  • Skin health 
  • Joint health
  • Tendon & Bone strength 
  • Cartilage health
  • Increased athletic performance 
  • Improved digestion 
  • Gut health

How should you take it and how much?  

To begin seeing results, start with a daily 20 gram dose and mix it in your favorite hot or cold beverage or food. If you don’t regularly consume vitamin C and copper rich foods, it’s important that you do because both nutrients are key to collagen production and proper utilization.  

If you’re looking for additional ways to add collagen to your diet, check out a few of our favorite collagen recipes HERE

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