5 Benefits of Ketosis

5 Benefits of Ketosis

With so many different diets promising weight loss, it can be hard to figure out which approach works best for you. Unfortunately, there's no one diet that works best for everyone, but the Ketogenic Diet has gained an almost cult following among individuals who have unsuccessfully tried to lose weight through more conventional methods. 

While the Ketogenic Diet may appear to be just the latest fad diet to hit the low carb scene, it's actually been in use for about 100 years as an alternate treatment for epilepsy in children. Now recognized for its therapeutic uses in the treatment of metabolic conditions such as diabetes, hormonal disturbances seen in PCOS, and even some forms of cancer, the diet is popular among individuals trying to lose substantial amounts of weight because of its many benefits. 

What exactly are the many benefits of the Ketogenic Diet that have earned it so many devout followers and sparked a paradigm shift in the way we view consumption of fats? 

1.Fat Loss 

2. Subdued Hunger Hormones

3.Reduce Inflammation 

4 Reduce Bloating

5. Increased Energy 

Most diets work by creating a calorie deficit between the amount of food you actually eat and how many calories you burn each day. Create a calorie deficit long enough and you will begin to lose weight, albeit not entirely from stored body fat. The problem is, weight loss doesn't work in a linear fashion, and overtime, losses slow down as the body adapts to the new number of calories it is receiving. This is exactly what happens when people hit a weight loss plateau. 

Due to the particulars of the Ketogenic Diet, this plateau phase is less pronounced. When the body is "fat adapted", it can tap into the large amounts of stored body fat we all carry, and use it to make energy for the body through the process of ketosis. 

All diets vary the amount of fats, carbs, and proteins they contain, but what's more important for success, is finding an approach that is sustainable for your lifestyle because the best diet is the one you will follow. 

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